Locked [Paused]



Project name: “Project Pioneer”

Goal: Getting better at the RPG Engine and improve ourself as a team.

Description: “Locked is the story about a world in need of a hero. After the Third war of Infernus humans have reclaimed 70% of their once lost land, but the danger isn’t over yet. Rumors are spreading that the demon lord Xephan has plans to take over the human world once and for all. Travel across Denovo as Alex Vertué and his best friend Lisa Baxter, and harness the power of the Locks. A magical amulet formed when most needed, and gives the person an unhuman like power and abilities. Fight Xephan forces while fighting alongside your allies who are hunted by the “Crimson Army”, an task force designed to take down people with Locks because they are unhuman in their eyes. Unravel the mysteries and be the hero of Denovo!”

Links: Gamejolt

Other help: MoonWave Audio for amazing soundtracks